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Hay guys. Remember when I used to update this?
If you do, now remember when I used to make Pokémon sprites?

Yeah, that's almost three years ago. Heck.

Today I got bored and made one, just to see if I remembered how to them.
Much to my surprise, it ended quite well!


So I finally did something useful and changed from my oldass keyboard!
Now it's a black, sleek, weird and spiffy one!
I'll post pictures of it, uh, as soon as I find my camera.

So, besides that, today at school was so stupid I could laugh at myself more than I already do.
Since it was a holiday yesterday, only half of the class showed up. And we still gave the teachers some nightmares! :3

I'll make aother post later, when I find the freaking camera. Arrrr. (º_O)

lyek omfg Higurashi no Naku Koro ni episode 22 released!
It's the beggining of the HEAVEN OR HELL LET'S ROCK ARC people!

While on Onikakushi our little friend was Keiichi, now it's Rena's side of the story. It seems it's a very sad story, though. ;_; At least, I believe next episode we're gonna have some KILL KILL KILL at the pink-haired girl who is stealing money from her dad. Go Rena~ <3

Also, my illness status:
I'll undergo a six-month treatment of shocks, air-pumps, and not nice things. Not nice, I said.
At least I'm not going to die. :D

Current Location: Porto Alegre, Brazil

On this fateful day, iruchii's innards are having their days counted.
Simply because he got some fcking deadcrap sickness and is about to faint and can't breath properly. Also, his head aches. And he can feel his stomach's liquid thingy going up and down.
Now, besides having hurt hands, iruchii is loosing all his innards. And some things more.
I'll have an x-ray later on. Goodbye innards, I'll miss you all. ;_;

Current Location: Home. Soon: Hospital.
Current Mood: Sick.

Hello there bored people! Since I know that for you, random one, to be reading my random journal, you must be really bored, I shall give you some websites where you can, actually, do stuff! Enjoy my kidness. ^_^

Nanaca Crash! It's a game with not a lot of plot development or whatever, but it's really fun. Just crash some guy with a bycicle and let's see how far you can get! o:

You like Stick people? No? Then, you must watch those Flash Movies! It'll make your impressions on sticks change... a little, hopefully.

Of course, you can always read some Habanero strips, just for sadic fun. :D

If you need a new banner, avatar, logo, or anything image related, but can't find that one single image you wanted, Shuu Shuu has all the cute images you'll ever need! With almost 30,000 images, there will certainly be something for you.

If all that fails, cook some Melon Pan and send them to me.

Current Location: Porto Alegre, Brazil

Yes, I got pushed, then fell and such. ;_; Oh, and they also were all dirty before.

...school is really incredible, isn't it?

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Current Music: "Yuki, Muon, Madobe Nite." by Chihara Minori

Someone asked me what was the most scary thing I could think of. Suddenly, Shion comes to my mind. And by those thoughts, here's a little tribute to our young serial killer, because she will be absent from the next chapter. Enjoy.

Yappari dame~~

That particular scene made me, uh, "silently scream" while watching. I wasn't expecting such thing to happen in that moment, and appaering from BELOW an hospital bed for NO reason certainly scares a little. It's actually against the laws of the physics... or something.

God, Shion, you're looking kinda CREEPY in there. As you can see in the above picture, Shion in the manga is SCARY TO DEATH. Comapre it to the anime one. Yet, listening to her "Yappari dame" can give you nightmares... plus this one mangá page, and you'll miss a some good nights of sleep.

Now, only a few more days of waiting, and I can have my hands on Tsumihorboshi-hen. :D
I believe all I can say for now is... HEAVEN OR HELL, LET'S ROCK!

So, finally I got my hands on Higurashi 21... And, yet again, my thoughts about it are: WTF.

Ah, the episode started with the same search from episode 8 (or was it 7, beats me). Except we know now that the girl there is Shion, and her intentions were much diferent from what we thought. Now, enough of that crap, we moved to some action.

Look at poor Satoko having her arms cutten and sliced by Shion, while Mion kept apologizing in the background. Justice? Yes, hopefully.

So Satoko cries and cries. And Mion keeps apologizing.

Sorry Shion, I don't think she can. Perhaps because you have, uh, stabbed her arms furiously?

But after some dialogue, she realises crying won't get her Nii-nii back, so it's about time she stopped. Finally Satoko gets some respect.

And after killing Satoko, stabbing Keiichi, killing Mion, and finally realizing what she did was all useless, Shion doesn't feel any recess by accidentaly falling out of the building. Goodbye Shion, we will not miss you next arc.

And next arc is the HEAVEN OR HELL LET'S ROCK! arc, where Rena shows her sexy laughs and Keiichi goes nuts. Ah, good times are coming. [Thanks to Imageshack for hosting and resizing]

Current Location: Home~

k then, quick post today.
I want my Higurashi 21. ;_; I even went to IRC to ask WinD to be, uh, faster, but that would be unfair. <3 you people from WinD, keep with the good job.

I just miss my Rena. ;_;

Hello there people. Before you ask, no, that picture doesn't show what happened. It's just there because I think it's a funny picture.

Yesterday I figured out how to completely costumize Windows. I had already changed my visual style, but now I have the cursor, the logon screen and the startup screen changed! :D
Besides that, I did nothing this whole day. Just downloaded more things, and am still dowloading more. I wish my life was more interesting than that, not that it's bad this way. ;P

Current Location: Porto Alegre, Brazil
Current Music: "Faze to love" by Hashimoto Miyuki
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